Taking Attended to Unattended

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I’d like to give you a little background about my question. We have Citizen Developers who developed their RPA process using StudioX. The processes have been published to the orchestrator. We now want to move those attended processes to Unattended so that it will on a schedule basis on its own. My questions:

  • Is it possible to convert/ move attended processes to unattended? Especially one that is built using studioX?

  • Is there a UiPath documentation (best practices) that shows/ guides how to move attended processes to unattended?

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I think it’s not impossible. However it’s necessary to tune the project. For example, StudioX uses GlobalExceptionHandler and it shows interactive CustomInput screen in it. This causes problem in unattended mode when error occurs, because it needs user action. As StudioX doesn’t have settings of GlobalExceptionHandler unfortunately, we need to modify it using Studio or edit project.json directly.
Other than that, it’s necessary to remove (or replace) all the Interactive activities such as MessageBox etc. And it might be better to add proper exception handling etc to improve stability.



It is possible to convert …but there is no official way to do it…

You need to amke sure all the attended related activities are temoved and edit project.json file to be as unattended bot and on studio as studiox supports only attended bots

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Yes, it is possible to convert/move attended processes to unattended in UiPath, even if they were built using StudioX. However, there are some considerations and best practices to keep in mind

  1. Process level
  2. License level

These two factors has to be considered when we are migrating a attended bot to unattended bot

  1. To move your attended process to unattended, you will need to make sure that the process is designed to run without user intervention, meaning that any input required should be automated or pre-defined. Additionally, you will need to make sure that any dependencies are installed and available on the robot machine.

  2. Though it is possible on process level it is still a challenge with BOT LICENSE. Make sure that u have a unattended license to run that bot in unattended mode because with attendee bot licenses we cannot run it as unattended

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Hi @Yoichi

Thank you for your insight.

What are other interactive activities? What does it mean when we say interactive activities?

I want to understand what you mean by this?