System Architecture Question


I apologize upfront for my ignorance since I am new to RPA and UiPath. My question is about the following situation:
We are trying to automate a process that is run in one of our operator’s desktop machine. There are MS Excel spreadsheets, and a web-based homegrown piece software that process is interacting (filtering the records and downloading them into an Excel spreadsheet). It is a very simple process, Our question is where to deploy the attended robot, so that the task still can be done when that operator is out of the office without giving that operator’s desktop login credentials to anyone in the office. In other words, do we have to buy one robot for every operator’s desktop to perform the task when the primary operator is out of the office or do we change the architecture and place every application, document on a server together with one robot and then make every operator log in to that server and run the attended robot to perform the task. I hope I make sense and I appreciate your answers.