Creating a process with Attended Robot


I want to create a process. It needs to be developed for attended robot. I will use REFramework. When i create and connect to attended robot on the orchestrator i cant create new process in the studio. So how can i develop a process for attended robot?

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry for flooding. This is urgent. Can anybody answer my question? There is a task which “The process must be developed for the robot type UiPath attended.”

Should i develope the project with unattended robot? Then can they run with attended? I’m asking this because i can’t start a new project when i connect to the attended robot.

Hi @ercanebiler

Can you explain what you mean by you cannot start a new project when connected with orchestrator? I have attended robots working on my machine and connected with orchestrator. But I have the ability to build and test new stuff through Studio…

Are you getting any error?

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@Lahiru.Fernando It says “UiPath Studio is used with an Attended robot. Based on UiPath license this combination will only allow you to run and debug processes. Editing workflows is restricted.”

I have trial for studio. Is this about to trial license? I just can’t start new blank process.

Thanks for your answer.

I’ve got the same problem. if someone got an solution it would be wonderfull :wink:


I made some search about this topic. Couldn’t find a proper solution. So i made my own solution :smiley:

I asked to department manager “I can’t make it work for attended robot. What can i do?” He said doesn’t matter just make it works for unattended or attended. Then i made some search again. Somewhere i saw when you are connected to attended robot you just can’t make edits in studio. So i turned robot to unattended. I guess we should design projects in unattended robot or development robot. Then we can connect to attended and we can test the processes.

Like i said this is not a proper way to solve this. I didn’t try in attended mode. If this is the solution, then we should ask another question. Which is “What should we pay attention to when we are developing projects for attended robots?”.

During the design stage, you should evaluate whether an attended robot could possibly be run as an unattended robot. If your business requirements can be fulfilled with an unattended robot, create an unattende robot!

Unattended robot advantages

There are significant advantages to publishing unattended robots, three of which are:

  1. They can be scheduled
  2. They can be run based on a trigger
  3. They can run even if a computer is locked or the screen saver is on
  4. They do not need a human to initiate them

So if your use case can be fulfilled with an unattended robot, definitely choose that route. The less human intervention needed in a UiPath process the better.