How to move a project to another computer?

I got a project working on my desktop computer. I then downloaded and installed UiPath on another computer and activated with the same email. I copied the project folder to the new computer where I will be running it using UiRobot.exe with /file parameter (which works). But when I open studio on the new computer and open the project I copied, I get the message “This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly” in every step of the process. Am I violating the license in some way? I only want to run one process at a time launched from the windows task manager.

Is it not allowed to activate studio on two computers with the same email address?



Sounds like your depedancies aren’t loading properly, are you opening the project using the project.json file?

echoing here, your project.json file going alongside your project will ensure your other computer will download the dependencies when firing up studio.

And for reference, you get 2 studio licenses with the same email address, so you should be fine!

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Thank you for the replies. Yes I was launching with the .json file. I finally created a new project on the new machine, added a messagebox, saved it, and copied the whole folder back to my desktop. It loaded just fine, so I added a couple more activities and copied it back to the new machine. That worked also. So I opened the original project on my desktop machine and copied and pasted all the activities and variables into the new project. I then copied it back to the new machine and it worked fine. So I’m mystified what happened when I copied it first but I’m cooking again now so I’m just happy it is working now. The copied project doesn’t find the screen shots of the elements even though I copied that folder too. But that isn’t a showstopper.

Thanks again! Once I knew I wasn’t violating the license to have two copies of studio I was more confident that it should work.



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