How to move project to another machine


I have created project and I want to transfer this project to another laptop.(copy folder project and paste to new laptop)
my project like as

  1. open web browser.
  2. type username
  3. type password
  4. click login

but I can run only open web browser not process to next step.
please help to advise how to do like this.

Hello @chairat,

Can i check with you if you have made the selectors generic? It maybe the case that you are getting an invalid selector.

Did you publish your code or you just directly want to move the project file as it is?


Check where it is erroring out, May be it is due to static values in Selectors, try to make it dynamic and try

Hope this helps you


Yes, please change some of the too specific selector to * in order to make it dynamic.

I copy all files in Folder to another laptop. anr try to run project get error message in attach file.

Hi, it says please check UiPath Extension. Kindly check if the extension has been installed successfully?

Which version are you at? 2019.10?

If Yes, just go to settings and install the extension