How to mouse hover on drop down menu...?

I can mouse hover on any tab present on website. But I want mouse hover on any drop down menu element…
Plz check the image attached…
I can mouse hover on “SERVICES AND SUPPORT” tab then I want to mouse hover on any drop down text and want to click.
Till “SERVICES AND SUPPORT” am getting after ward am not getting…
when mouse hover indication starts drop down menu disappears and am not able to capture indication…

Hi @prasad555

There is activity to simulate mouse hover,
Please use it

which activity…can u explain…


This activity helps you take mouse to a particular position using selectors.


its not working…


I have tried this before, Just for example.

I have tried on one website

Main.xaml (8.7 KB)

Hi @prasad555

As I understood your question, you are able to do up to hovering the mouse on the main drop down and expanding the drop down there. But you are unable to hover the mouse on the items that are in that dropdown because once you click on indicate element, the expanded dropdown disappears right?

You can handle this using below steps.

  1. Use a hover activity and click on indicate element on screen
  2. By this time, you are asked to indicate an element to hover, but the menu bar is not expanded and you are unable to click and expand it to indicate because you are in select mode
  3. Press the F2 key. it will disable the select mode for few seconds giving you time to get the dropdown expanded by hoving on the main menu. keep hovering until it gets back to the select mode
  4. Once in select mode, indicate the item you want to hover in the dropdown - Now you can indicate is because dropdown is expanded :slight_smile:

Let know whether it helps!!

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Thank u foe replay…
Tried sometimes it will capture sometime it will not…
I think we have keep on trying until unless element is selected…

Thank u for replay…
Tried sometimes it will capture sometime it will not…
I think we have keep on trying until unless element is selected…

It should work.
Please share URL and your drop down requirements.
Will check on it.

@prasad555 Please check this XAML
Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

This is the URL in which I am trying…

I tried according to your steps…but not captured properly…
Then did some slight changes in step 3.
Once capture disable time elapses once click left and right click buttons both in mouse at a time, drop down menu wont disappears
perfectly I can capture the element as in step 4.

Hi @prasad555

I created two workflows to see how we can navigate through those menus. But it seems like hovering over menu items, and clicking on sub menu item takes a long time to execute. But, after execution, it successfully navigates to that page. Problem is the time it takes to do that.

In the other workflow I created, I used the Navigate To activity within attach browser activity. This way, I’m not going through those menus. But directly giving the URL of the sub page I want to access. It is much faster and accurate. I think this is the one you should try out…

This is with menus
SAPSiteAutomation.xaml (6.9 KB)

This is with navigate to activity
SAPSiteAutomationURL.xaml (5.2 KB)

Let know if this works for you

I am also facing the same issue. Is your issue resolved. If yes please share the code with me.

any one found solution ? am dealing with a simple website having this problem

I am working on the same hover activity. But after pressing F2 , when i selected the dropdown element and it opens a new page . After that select mode is on, but is of no use in my case.