How to mark a checkbox in Oracle app that matches the description from the Excel file?

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I was stacked in the activity where I wanted to mark the checkbox in the Oracle application. To mark it, first, it will look up at the excel file and if it finds a match, then it will check the box in the Oracle. How do I do this? Thank you.

Hi @jharmel.carmona
please follow these steps.
Read Data and Store in DT1
Loop Over DT1
Use Element exist Activity inside loop and make it selector dynamic by putting Variable "Item(ColName).ToString.
Then put if condition if "Element Exist Return True Then Use click Activity Inside Then Block.

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Hi @jharmel.carmona

You can select the check box by various options.
option 1: Using find children activity (i will go with this option if i need to compare multiple column values like ‘Line Number, Item Code, Item Description’ etc…)

Option 2: Using anchor functionality (i will go with this option if i need to compare only one column like ‘Requisition / PR_NUMBER’, you can do multiple column matching but selector will become mess to manage)

In the below example I have used option 2. you can pass the PR_NUMBER as variable in the selector and UiPath will use this as anchor and select the corresponding check box

Anchor value is aaname=‘1601

Anchor value is aaname=‘1641

Anchor value is aaname=‘1701

Please share your selector if you want help with tweaking the anchor for your screen.

John Felix

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Thanks, @johnfelix . I’ll try this one.

BTW, the robot would look up the column PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION only in the excel file. If it matches the Item Description in the Oracle, then the robot would tick the checkbox. And it keeps iterating until all the Items Description (Oracle) vs PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION (Excel) have been checked.

Hello @jharmel.carmona

If it clicks on the description in oracle apps, will it auto-select the checkbox?
If not then you need to find find the description, then use the get attribute and get the idx or rownum attribute. Then you need to pass it as dynamic variable to the checkbox selector


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Thanks for this @raja.arslankhan . I’ll try this one.

Hi @jharmel.carmona

To select all the matching rows you need to loop through all the rows in the excel file and instead of passing aaname = {{PR_NUMBER}}, you can use aaname = {{PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION}}

There is one limitation with this approach. if the PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION is not unique then robot will select the first matching row all the time. To handle this you need to add unique identifier to the selector.

If we use option 1 then robot will be able to select all the matching PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION rows. because robot will loop through each rows in the application using find children activity and inside the loop if PR_ITEM_DESCRIPTION matches then robot will select the row. so no unique identifier is required.

let me know if you need sample for option 1 approach.


Hi @jharmel.carmona
Please check this one, Here I am selecting brand with dynamic selector

SelectBrand.xaml (9.6 KB)

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