How to manipulate strings

Hello I’m Beginner can you help me , 2 error I can’t modify , help me please

input dialog // output result //name// is error
message box // text // “Hello”+Wolrd// is error

Hi @joey_pfclovelove

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Could you provide more information? What error are you getting? What are you trying to achieve?


2 error i don’t understand

HI @joey_pfclovelove
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could you please check below ?
Have you created variable name ? if yes what is the data type ? string, generic, int, Boolean?

also, could you please provide the error message ?

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We need to create a variable named name of type string defined in the variable panel
This variable panel can be seen in the bottom of the middle in the studio

Kindly create that and check once
Cheers @joey_pfclovelove