UiPath failing to pass variables



I’m having problems with UiPath passing variables.
Take for an example,

I created the variable apples and assigned it 10.

If i use a message activity and call the variable apples, it works.
If I set a Type Into activity to write Apples, it doesn’t work.

I am setting the variable inside a for each loop and also using the variable inside the for each loop.


Hi @r0manred,

Any exception???



No Exceptions. Type into just never types Apples.


Send me screenshot of the type into activity with properties



I will, but let me ask this. Cause I think I got it to work.

Can I update part of a string variable with another variable inside a for loop?

The above question is not what’s working now.


Hi @r0manred,

You are assigning one variable to another variable tight…yea it’s possible using assign activity



Right, but can I do that in the default? So in default I create a variable called “basket”.

The variable is default to “I have” + number + " many apples"

and I update number somewhere throughout the workflow. the “number” variable inside “basket” should also be updated, correct?


“I have” + number.ToString() + " many apples"



Assuming number is already string. If it wasn’t an error would probably be thrown.

For some reason this isn’t working. Although, this is working for a selector I made dynamic.


Is there a way to rebuild or clean the workflow?

Edit: The previous problem I had that you tried to help with reoccurred again. After running the workflow a certain amount of times the Datatable variable is not initialized. Although, it is initialized.


Created a new workflow and all issues resolved again.

Just curious, is anyone else having this problem? I can’t keep recreating workflows :skull: