Error when creating a new string variable on Outputfield of the Properties panel


When creating a “Get full text” activity to indicate an element inside the browser to extract a string from a website, I received an error when I create for that extract string a variable inside the Properties panel in the Output option.

Basically, I go to the Output field and I do “Create Variable” inside it and then when I change the variable type from Generic Value to String type on the Variables panel next to Arguments and Imports it says that “One or more children have validation errors or warnings.” and I don’t understand why.

However, if I create the variable first in the Variables panel and I indicate that is a variable from a String type, I no longer receive that error. Because once I go to the Output field on the Properties panel, he detects that variable in the String format that is expected.

So, my question: Why can’t I create the variable on the Output field and then change the type on the variables panel?

Hello there,
This is know issue.

Thanks @ddpadil, didn’t know about the issue. Anyway, the question remains so… another thing: Do you know if UiPath staff takes notes of these known issues we ask in the forum and provide an answer to this sort of problems?

Check the tags ( UiPath Community Forum ), sort by name and look for those starting with p_

They’re watching :male_detective: