Hi , I am currently facing an issue and i wonder if you could help.

After i record data scraping and write into CSV, the data positioning is not what i wanted.

So therefore, i need assistance in placing my scraped data into the cell i want.

Is there any guide on this? Thanks.

before you write the datatable to csv, you can manipulate the datatable with foreach row.

to display the value in the datatble you can use the activity output datatble, and display it on the messagebox.

maybe you can send an incorrect CSV and the CSV form that you want, so I can help

Just to take note
column Position to Email
column Criteria to Date
column Date Effective to Status

Each of these column are belong to a datatable from the web when scraping.
However when i write into csv , column Criteria to Date uses more than a single row.
The end result i wanted is to feed all info in a single row from column Position to Status.

Thank you.

im new user im unable to upload file nor share link

oh I see the the cause problem, this is because in the writing process between “Position to Email” and “Criteria Criteria to Date” and “column Date Effective to Status”
you do it in a separate process in partial write activity or saving diferent datatable , is that right ?

you have to combine the “Position to Email” column and “Criteria to Date column” and “column Date Effective to Status” in one datatable variable, then you can use write range / write to csv.

so the data will be on the same line without a gap.
dont write your column wirh partial , you need to combine first. because you wirte it with partial, thats column will be write on new line.

if you are willing, you can send the xaml code so I can check

if you want to not use datatable manipulation, I can give advice, don’t use append to range excel activity, or append the line csv
You should be use excel write to range activities from each block of the column, by listing the correct range,

Currently I do not have the code with me.

It’s something like this

Extract datatable “position to email”


extract datatable “criteria to date”


extract datable “date effective to status”


write to CSV

All datatable variable are the same

Then it generate out the excel that I have shown u

Oh I think I should deal with individual datatable and write range before joining all the datatable into one excel output?

Yes, exactly .