Extracted data based on condition needs to be written in csv file or xlsx file


  1. I have used data scraping for Scraping data and output is stored in ExtractDataTable varibale.
  2. This ExtractDataTable i have stored in csv file.
  3. From this csv file i have to fetch 3 columns based on the condition. like i have used assign activity and output is.
    Result=ExtractDataTable.Select(“[Status] = ‘Open’ AND [Description] = ‘Process Vendor Invoice’ AND [WIID] > ‘400000’”)
    where Result is of datatable varible.
  4. Now i have to insert this Result varible to csv file but i’m not getting how to write this Result into csv file please help me on this.

use Write Range Activity to write datatable into Excel file

As you are writing the extracted data table already, you can do the same @Kiran_Bg using Write CSV activity. If you want to overwrite the data, use delete file activity to delete the existing file and then write the new data

Thanks i have got it @HareeshMR @Abdur

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