Automatic closure of internet explorer dialog box

I have created a robot that opens a browser with pre specified url. The problem is that when the browser opens, a warning dialog box pops up " Warning: Your browser does not meet the requirements, please contact your system administrator(browser version is not supported)" Click “Ok” button will make the dialog message go away.

How do I include this activity\task in my robot so that my robot will dismiss the dialog message and open the site page without manual intervention from me(clicking the ok button)? I want the robot to do this.

Note: I know that I can manually set my browser to backward compatibility mode and the dialog message won’t appear, but I don’t want to do this. I want the robot to automatically initiate the action that will make the dialog message to go away.browser

Hi @Arroba
You can use a parallel activity for this. Run the open browser action and ok click action together inside the parallel activity so that ok is clicked whenever it pops up.

After opening the Browser, Use element exists Activity.
If element exists returns true then click on Close

Hi Vinutha,
What is a parallel activity? how can I run the open browser action and ok click action together inside the parallel activity? Please are you able to provide me with an example robot?

I am a newbie to RPA.

Arroba J.

Did you try what @Rahul_Pasupuleti mentioned above? If you know that it always appears right after opening of the website starts you can use the method he mentioned.
If you do not know when the pop-up appears/whether it appears or not you can use parallel activity. Please let me know if you have that scenario so that i can help.

We have been using Pick Branch in cases were a box might appear. Have an Element Exist for an object on the next page, and an Element Exists for the popup box. If the popup box appears, click the OK button in the Action section.

Hi Vinutha,

The popup appears before the page is loaded.
Would be appreciated if we can try using the parallel activity option?

Kind Regards
Arroba J.

Hi thediabloman,
I did like a solution where the robot initiates and completes the task without manual intervention from me.

Hello @Arroba
first use open browser activity as you are using…
then use msg box activity in open browser (msg can be anything)
then check if you are able to get the uipath msg box…
if uipath msg box appearing along with webpage msg box…
then follow what @Rahul_Pasupuleti has suggested else
follow what @Vinutha has suggested (use parallel activity)…

Hi Akshay,

I am new to UIPath. I am not sure how to complete the msg box activity part.


In this case first check wither u can able to perform the task manually or not, when you do this normally does this error won’t appear? If it wont appear then there might be compatibility issue with the browser so change the conpatability in browser settings.

Just in case if you are curious to know parallel activity : Can anyone give me example for parallel activity with xaml?


Hi All,

I wiil just set I.E. to backward compatibility mode.
Thans all for your help.

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