Click All Same Buttons in webpage

Hi guys,

I need to click all same buttons in webpage like below. How can I do that?


Hey @Ahmet_Tarik_KOC,

Check if the selector for all these buttons are same or different.


Hi @Ahmet_Tarik_KOC

IN the above image, may some difference in the idx it will increasing based on the rows in the web page.

Can you share the selector in the Ui explorer for first and second button.

Check out the docs for dynamic selector


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Kindly check the idx value in Selector, if 1st button have idx=1, second button have idx=2, then loop the process in while condition pass the idx value dynamically

I guess, idx is automatically assigned.

  1. Button:
  1. Button:

Share the selector from the UI explorer @Ahmet_Tarik_KOC

just idx is different and assigned to its order in buttons

Change the idx=3 and validate and Highlight the selector, and see the difference

Check out the document to make the selector dynamic

Where as idx=‘2’ is differ for the next button?


Yes, idx is dynamically incrased for next buttons.

I’ll check dynamic selectors

Hi @Ahmet_Tarik_KOC

  1. Use Assign activity → Variable (Int)
Count = 1
  1. Use click activity → pass the variable instead of the idx=‘1’ to idx=‘Count’ (Check the document or thread how to pass the variable inside the selector)

Check on the thread

  1. After clicking the first button do your automation

  2. Use Assign activity

Count = count+1
  1. Do the steps for all the button


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Thanks, it works

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