How to login with the username and password with domain name which is getting prompt while launching the website

Hi All,

Actually i need to launch one website, in order to get it open i have to provide the credentials with domain name.

when i tried the get credential activity, it is not accepting my password since it has got some special character.

I am new to UiPath, kindly help me with the sample workflow to get it done.

Looking forward for your help.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Selvarani M

Can you share your workflow ?

HI @selvarani1390,
When you try to launch website if it is a dialog box asking for credentials with user name and password, you can use Element Exists Activity. Use If activity to check whether that dialog exists, if it is present then using Type Into activity give username and password.
Refer the following thread. hope it meet ur needs.


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