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I have a small query on the login page. we have to create a prompt for the user before logging into the page for the user name and password. once they entered the details those need to print on the browser website for username and password column. how we can create? can anyone suggest me on this one.

  1. Build a prompt window to allow user to key in user id & password

a. This prompt may be replaced as API call later

b. Please check that the id & password is passed in SSL mode

c. Do not store user-id & password

Hi @chaitanyaKumar
you can use input dialog box for capturing username and password

Nived N

yes, i tried it but the thing is pop needs to come a same time like username and password at a time for that, i used request credential activity.

how the prompt will replace with API.

Hi @chaitanyaKumar
so u need username and password to be entered in one dialog box itself right?

yes exactly

Hi @chaitanyaKumar

Try custom input activity


This will contain a sample example too for understanding this activity

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