All tables in Dataset to 1 datatable to excel

After using a data extraction scope, i have the output results as ExtractionResults. I then use an export extraction results to put the output to a dataset. Now that I have a dataset, i need to write all the tables in that dataset to one datatable and then write that to an excel.

If i do datasetresults.table(0), it overrides all the information from the datatable and only shows me the last file it ran through. How do i combine it all to one?

we would iterate over the table from the dataset.Tables and would recommend to write each table to a seperate worksheet in Excel e.g. with write range.

For the looping we can do e.g.

For each Activity | TypeArgument: DataTable | item in YourDataSetVar.Tables

I have 11k PDFs that I’m iterating over. I don’t think having 11k worksheets is going to work. How do I get it to be one one sheet? I tried to use append and it would double/triple the data for each PDF.

better to mention such an info at the begin.

Looping will be the same. Maybe you prefer to merge the tables (kindly note: different cols schemas can result to long column lists) e.g. with Merge datatable activity)

can also risk to long row counts. Maybe you want to adress this by splitting it to multiple excels.

However the main bulding block is: