How to load load data into SAP datatable from excel


I am trying to load data to a SAP data table from an excel file. However, in the SAP data row,I dont know how process to the second row in the data table. (Please see screenshot,left image is the SAP table, and the right one is from Excel file).

I tried for each row, but the loop will enter enter the value for the first row in the SAP and keep getting overlapped by the next row from excel

Could someone please show me how to move the loop to the next rows?

Thank you!

Try to get the selectors of the textbox for the next row, using that you can iterate the selector also you can iterate the excel rows using for each row


Thank you for you response.

Sorry I forget to mention that this is only part of the automation. I have many room rates to load, and each room rate has different room types( in this example it has 6 types, so I will enter data for 6 rows in the SAP table). However, there are other room rate with more types (so I will enter more rows for other rates).
I want to find a function to count number of the room types for each room rate and load the data into SAP accordingly.

Can you please help me?



Try with this xaml, you need to read excel data into a datatable.

Then that rows count is your room rate types count, once you added those many rows in the SAP then you can proceed with your SAP Feed.

ProcessExcelByExcel.xaml (8.4 KB)

Could you please be more specific?

I also Have same issue. While creating Sales order creation for Single customer, i need to Enter all related respective materil no. , Quantity at a time but it is writing in the first row only.

Please help to come out of this issue.

HI @knockknock56, @Srini84, @Rakshitha_Ram , ALL

Follow the guide below. This is a basic flow which you can extend based on your need

Part I.

The starting point is my excel list “List of materials.xlsx”

  1. add Excel scope
  2. read the whole table
  3. save into variable - Materials, choose Add header for columns
  4. change the variable to DataTable

Part II.

  1. create variable "RowNumber"and assign the counter 0 to it
  2. RowNumber is Int32
  3. use activity “For Each Row” and go through the data table Materials
  4. Type into to the right field in SAP, the data are coming from data table Materials based on Column Header.

You have to replace hardcoded number of row in selector with our counter “RowNumber”

Part III.

  1. After you entered all data, just increase counter RowNumber by 1 to go to the next row.
  2. Outside “For Each Row” activity press Enter, than the date will be overtaken into SAP


Enjoy, Lev


Thank You @LevKushnir , It helped me a lot.

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