Extract data from spreadsheet and add it into table SAP


I need ur help please, I have an excel file contains commd line from invoice and i want to fill a table into sap,
please find attach the scrrenshots :

LignedeCmd.xlsx (9.4 KB)

thanks a lot

Hello @ifranity,

I am unable to grasp where your problem lies? Are you unable to get the data from your excel file into a DataTable inside UiPath?

Or are you unsure as how you can go through the table in SAP line for line?

Hello @stevengoehler
my use case it’s about to extract data from the excel file and fill (the screen shot of SAP) col1 in Article
col2 in Designation and col3 in Montant.

Thanks a lot

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it work for me now but still have a problem, all data filled in the first row of SAP table

I’ve used a counter and modify the selector but still dont work.

please help !

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