Orquestrator deploy package

Hello, I’m trying to deploy a process in the orchestrator, that process uses a custom library that my team made and deployed as a nupkg and we all reference it. This package gets updates every week so there are many versions.
When I try to run the process in the orchestrator, it fails because it can’t find the correct activities of the package the process is referencing. Is there a way to automatically deploy the new package version my process is using? I noticed a “library section” in Tenant → Packages and I uploaded the package there:

But it still can’t find it and it fails.

Is what I’m asking possible? How do I do it?


Sharing my thoughts on the issue you mentioned.

As far I know there is no atomatic upgrading of custom library we have created in a process. Whenever we deploy the process to orchestrator the package contains the current version of the library.

Whenever if we make any new changes toe library it will not effect the process which we deployed in orchestrator even if you update library section in orchestrator will not effect the process.

Currently there is only one way to update library like we have to open the process in studio and go to manage packages and update the library to latest version and publish the process again to orchestrator.

May be we can follow some best practice like whenever we update library have to create documentation and inform to each member in your team so that everyone whenever they start develop any process they will use the updated library to resolve the issue. Thanks.


You can refer below doc for more details

Hope this help you


Hi Kirankumar, thanks for sharing.

I know you can upgrade packages to the latest version from the orchestrator in the way you said, we actually do it. But we are having issues when what we need to upgrade is the referenced custom package, a custom package we added manually in Manage Packages. For some reason it fails, as if it can’t find the activity.

I mean, if I publish a package out of a process, the referenced packages are not “zipped in” the pkg. They are referenced from somewhere. And that is the problem I am having, it appears as if the upgraded version of the custom pkg can’t be found neither downloaded from the Orquestrator.

Thanks for answering, but I’m sorry, that does not contains what I was asking about.

To put it simple, I need to know if whenever I update a custom package I added in a process, the update is automatically downloaded and deployed into the machine I’m a running the process the next time I run it (obviously the deployed process has the reference updated). Because so far it seems that it doesn’t.

I hope I was more clear this time.