Publish Process to different tenant

When we publish process to dev tenant to studio we are able to upgrade the process to latest version easily
but How to upgrade that process in UAT tenant.
Should we deploy it though studio or should we upload the .nuget package again in that Tenant or is there any other set of actions we need to take please let me know

Hi @jagravi.trivedi

Option 1: Deploying from Studio to Orchestrator

  1. Open UiPath Studio.
  2. Open the project you want to publish.
  3. Go to the “Publish” tab in UiPath Studio.
  4. Click on the “Publish” button. This will publish the latest version of your process to the Orchestrator associated with the current project.
  5. In the publishing window, make sure to select the target Orchestrator tenant, including the environment and the process.
  6. After publishing, log in to the UAT Orchestrator.
  7. Go to the “Packages” page in Orchestrator.
  8. Find the newly published package in the UAT Orchestrator.
  9. Click on the “Start Upgrade” button to upgrade the process to the latest version.

Option 2: Uploading the .nupkg Package

  1. Publish your project in UiPath Studio.
  2. Save the generated .nupkg package to a location on your machine.
  3. Log in to the UAT Orchestrator.
  4. Go to the “Packages” page in Orchestrator.
  5. Click on the “Upload” button and select the .nupkg package that you saved.
  6. After uploading, find the newly uploaded package in the UAT Orchestrator.
  7. Click on the “Start Upgrade” button to upgrade the process to the latest version.

Hope it helps!!

Option 1:

Step 5:

How is it possible to setup a connection with Orchestrator so that all tenants appear when publishing from Studio?

Currently I have to sign in and out every time.

This could be a game changer :slight_smile:

You cannot publish to all tenants at once from Studio. Your robot is connected to only one tenant, and that’s why you can publish to only one Tenant processes feed.

OK cool (not really but a definite answer is always good thanks). I was interested in this for an issue I’m having. Maybe you could help or do I need to raise a new separate item?

Error Message
Could not load file or assembly ‘TimeSheets, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. The system cannot find the file specified.

Background Information
Orchestrator has 2 tenants: 1. Dev and 2. Live

Studio points to Dev tenant

Libraries exists in a Azure Dev Ops custom feed

Within studio, BatchFileHandler retrieves libraries successfully, BatchFileHandler publishes to Dev tenant and process runs successfully.

Within Dev tenant I downloaded the package and then manually uploaded in Live tenant… then when running the error message was received.

Any ideas?

Hi @Byrnecut

It is not possible to publish a process to all tenants simultaneously. When publishing from UiPath Studio, the UiPath Assistant is connected to a specific tenant, allowing you to publish the process only to that tenant.

You can check the Tenant which presently connected in UiPath assitant.
Open Assistant → Click on Your profile at top right corner → Select the Tenant from the dropdown.

Check the below image I am connected to Default Tenant it was showing same. If I publish the Process from Studio it will published to Default Tenant only,

Hope it helps!!

Thank you for the reply.

Understand about the concept of only being able to connect to 1 tenant simultaneously.

Do you have any recommendations for sharing processes between tenants?

Looking to avoid using Studio and changing the tenant. When I have done that it is automatically triggering some processes which is throwing out the queue and the robots running in live.

Kind regards

Hi @Byrnecut

Your question Is there any approach to publish the Project to the required tenant which out chaning the Tenant connection of UiPath Studio.

If my understanding is correct, then when you are publishing the project from studio. In Publish to dropdown select the Custom option, give the local folder path where you want to save the .nupkg file and click on Publish. The .nupkg file saved to the local folder.

Then login to Orchestrator → Select the Tenant → Click on Tenant option on Top left side → Go to Packages tab → Click on add packages → Select the same .nupkg file and publish.

This is also one of the process to publish the Project to the required tenant with out changing connection of the Studio with the Tenant.

Hope it helps!!