How to key in if formula with "" in Excel cell?

Hi, I am trying to type the formula =IF(LEFT(D2,1)=“S”, D2,"") into Excel cell using Type Into activity. But I have difficulty in keying the “” as the type into activity expect the quotation mark as the end of the input string. I have tried to replace “” with CHAR(34) but it doesn’t work. Please help me with this issue. Thank you very much.


If I understood correctly, you need to use “=IF(LEFT(D2,1)=”“S”", D2 , “”"")" in the ‘Type Into’ activity.

to use a formula that uses (""),
then you can use double ("" “”) so that the first ("") reads correctly,
“= IF (LEFT (D2,1) =”“S”", D2,"" “”)"

Thank you very much! I managed to solve it using “”.

Thank you very much! my problem is solved!