How to type a formula into an Excel sheet using "Type into Activity"?

Hello all,

I want to type an excel formula inside a particular cell using the “Type into Activity” .

This is the formula : =IF(ISERR(SEARCH("/",A2:A12)),VALUE(A2:A12),LEFT(A2:A12,SEARCH("/",A2:A12)-1)/RIGHT(A2:A12,SEARCH("/",A2:A12)-1))

I am not able to store the formula inside the “Type into activity” . I also tried with the assign activity but ended up with conversion errors…
All I need is just type this formula inside an Excel cell.
Can anyone help me on that… Its something URGENT!!! and I am stuck with this small error!!
(The Formula is used to convert fraction to decimal value)

@UnicornStark I would say use the Desktop Recording Tool and use Type INTO Activity and Insert your formula in there and press enter. Let me know if you require further help.

use write cell function : - Give the sheet name and the cell address.
and insert your formula below in that function

Hi @UnicornStark

If your excel file is open then you can try with this way… Not sure right one but just a solution.

AshishFormula.xaml (9.2 KB)