Type in


am facing issue here as am trying to use type in activity with if condition for Excel as you know it contains ""
and after typing the if condition it gives error
kindly advice :slight_smile:


Hello @mina kindly post the text of Type into activity or upload xaml if possible.


First off: the Excel formula should put between quotes (not visible in the screenshot).

Have you tried to replace the quotes in the formula with 4 single quotes (like: β€˜β€™β€™β€™)?

Otherwise put the formula in a variable with placemarkers for the quotes and then use the Replace Text activity to put in the quotes.


Like @Carel mentioned, the TypeInto requires that you type in a string, so you just need quotations around it. Doing so will also require that the embedded quotes be 4 quotes.
For example,
"=If(TODAY()-A5<=3,"""β€œNOT DUE”""",""""Out of SLA … "

I will also suggest using the Write Cell activity for placing formulas into Excel so you don’t need to rely on keystrokes to get to each cell.