How To Keep UiPath wait till the Execute Query finished?

I have a query that takes 20 to 30 mins to finish execution. I am using “Execute command” activity. But I see time out error. I also tried to increase Timeout in properties, but, it doesn’t work. Can anyone help please?

@shenthils -

  • changing the activity timeout value to 40 mins will be a easy quick fix (but keeping the robot in wait mode will leads to a process issues)
  • you can do a do while loop and check every 5 mins for the status till it complete…
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hi @shenthils,

1.Look For --> What Changes if the Query is executed completely - You get a message that execution completed or some report is available or the Query displays the record count.This we call as SuccessIndicatior

  1. Assuming when the Query completes - you get a text saying “Query Executed Completely”.So an element exists and output it as SuccessIndicator.

  2. Now we code the Bot is such a way that - it keeps looking for the SuccessIndicator Flag for specified number of times.

  3. We can use retry scope here - with SuccessIndicator as True Condition and DelayBetween Items as 40 Minutes - Advice here - Make this 40 Minutes as configurable in Asset/ Config File to adjust it on need basis.


@GBK Girish, Thanks for your suggestion. My query runs an ETL process. Can I use while loop in this case?

@mukeshkala Mukesh, Thanks for your suggestion. My query runs an ETL process. Can you please explain your 3rd point. How can I make a bot to look for SuccessIndicator Flag for specified number of times?

@shenthils - in ETL can you able to view execution process/progress?
if yes - you can do a while loop and verify the progress or process elements available or not…

hi @shenthils,

we can use Retry scope here.

In Action - I am just Writing Searching output Table
Condition - Element Exist of Success Indicator

Retry Scope Properties :
We have Specified the number of Retries and Retry Interval


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