uipath.Database.activities pack v1.4.0 Execute Query - timeout attribute is ignored

Hi there.
After a very long hiatus from dev work , I’m finally back at it:)

Anway, I’m at a roadblock and hope i didn’t run into an existing bug.

When i execute a query ( text type, not Stored proc), the query does at times takes a long time and I do want to impose a limit. problem is that 30 seconds (default) or any other value I put for timeout in milliseconds is ignored. Query does not time out. I’ve let it run over 30 min at times, it will not timeout.

I did not add any timeout parameters to the connection parameter of the connectionObject.

I am wondering if it is a bug or I’m doing something wrong.
Using Version 2019.10.4 with the uipath.Database.activities pack v1.4.0
Using Oracle as DB, connecting via native client “System.Data.OracleClient”

Any help is much appreciated.