Set transaction status : The operation has timed out - Troubleshoot Steps / Solution

Timeout During Set Transaction status

Reason of such Issues:
Usually Robot is not able to retrieve the required data on time i.e 30 sec which is a default timeout.

Solution 1 :

  1. Kindly increase the TimeoutMS property of the activity.
  2. Place the activity inside " Retry Scope " activity.

Solution 2:
EventViewer error: In case if in eventviewer you see exception related to : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Execution Timeout Expired


verify the count of records of the below from Sql Server:
select count(*) from [dbo].[Notifications] ;
select count(*) from [dbo].[TenantNotifications] ;
select count (*) from [dbo].[UserNotifications] ;
select count (*) from [dbo].[Logs] ;
select count(*) from [dbo].[AuditLogs];

Solution: Follow the solution if record count is more than 2 million for any of the table
SQL performance issue is maxed out due to logging.
None of the above-mentioned tables should have more than 2 million records

Please use this KB to eliminate the debug logs and then shrunk the database files .
The query is also inside the below link :

Each & every step is detailed in the above link. It’s recommended to have max 1 million records to be on the safer side and maximum to 2 million.

Take the backup of all the previously mentioned table & clear the information.

It’s also advised to perform a database maintenance biweekly or Monthly, which purely depends on the information getting logged to the database.

Query to Fetch all records older than 15 days
SELECT * from [dbo].[Logs] where
DateDiff(day, TimeStamp, GetDate()) > 15

Query to Delete all records older than 15 days
DELETE FROM [UiPath].[dbo].[Logs] where
DateDiff(day, TimeStamp, GetDate()) > 15

Also, for more information on logs please refer the below link:


This will solve the issue.

Disclaimer: The above solution may fix the issue.


Hi in my case the timeout was couse by recycling application pool in IIS, I had to change scheduler and set it to run recycling while no process is running. Hope it will help solve problem to other :slight_smile:



I’m using CE cloud orchestrator, It’s failing at Orchestrator Activities (set transaction status, get transaction data) after some hours of job running.

What might be the reason for this?


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Were you able to debug this ?

I incresed 60MS but the error still occurred.

any solution else?

Any resolution for this? We have started to encounter the exact same thing…just started happening out of the blue! We did upgrade Orchestrator 5 days prior to when this started to occur. We had upgraded from 2018.4 to 2019.10. Not sure upgrade had anything to do with this or not. For me, it occurs approx 1 in 5 or 1 in 10, it is intermittent. We are on Enterprise version, not Community. Yes, if I run in Debug Mode and “retry” that Activity, it works.

Did you receive a solution yet?

No, not really. We opened a ticket with support. Grab a bunch of logs (UiPath and Window Events), but never could find the root cause. Was only offered work arounds like extent the Timeout Settings on Activities and to wrap all Orchestrator Activities within a Retry Activity. Those did help, but to me is only a hack, not a true solution to the underlying problem.
If it was only 1 person encountering this issue, then I could buy the work around solutions, but you have multiple people posting the same issue on this forum, so there is an issue within the UiPath Platform that they are unable to resolve.

Hi Scott,

totally agree with you. this error should never occur.
until now, I use the hacking way as you mentioned above.

Hi Everyone,

This issue is very annoying. It happened in a UAT environment, where only two runtime resources were running at the same time. In addition when this happened, there was a 50% chance that the running robot was not able to get a new transaction item either. The database is well-maintained, it is archived every week to only keep the logs of the last month. Apparently, this issue cannot be resolved by increasing the timeout (1 minute, really?!). What else can cause this, and how can we handle it?