How to Keep Excute Word File?

I’m making an algorithm with Studio X, but I want to run a word file in the middle of the algorithm and keep it open without closing, Excel activity has a function of keeping it open but no word activity, please tell me the function of keeping the word file open.
Please let me know, Thanks :slight_smile:

In UiPath StudioX, you can work with Word files using the “Word Application Scope” activity. Unfortunately, unlike Excel, Word does not provide a direct option to keep the Word application open after the scope ends. However, you can follow this steps

  1. Word Application Scope: Use the “Word Application Scope” activity to open and manipulate the Word document as needed.
  2. Add a “Delay” activity immediately after the Word activities within the “Word Application Scope.” This delay will keep the Word application open for a specified amount of time.
  • Set the “Duration” property to the amount of time you want to keep the Word application open. For example, you can set it to a large number of seconds or minutes, e.g., 10 minutes (600 seconds), depending on how long you need the Word application to remain open.
  1. Close Word Application: After the “Delay” activity, you can use the “Close Application” activity to close the Word application.


Basically using the “Delay” activity, you can effectively keep the Word application open for the desired duration before closing it. This allows you to have the Word application open for the required part of your workflow.

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