Word doc keeps closing

I have a word that keeps closing when I try and run the sequence. It will open for a second then close. Any ideas?


hi @SSJCalzana

Is there anything inside the Word Application scope ?

behavior of the word scope is it will close the file automatically once the activities mentioned inside the word scope is completed.

if no activities exists inside word then it will open and close the file within some seconds



You can use Open application in order to open word document permanently


Thanks @Mohansadaiyapillai

How would I do that? I can only indicate window on screen, but I can’t select that specific word doc.

Thanks @Ajju . How would I get it to stay permanently open?

what task you want to perform inside word scope

@Ajju To keep word doc open until I choose to close it.


use below workflow
StartWordDoc.xaml (3.7 KB)


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