How to iterate the same SAP transaction with different criteria

Hi there,

I need to extract data from the same SAP t-code for multiple times.

I created the SAP data extraction process in a different workflow file and I want to use Invoke Workflow file in the main file. Also it has arguments ready for the criteria.
It works when running in the main process.

I made a list of list for each transaction.
This criteria list is used to fill out fields.
like yellow highlight in the screenshot below:

arr1 = {criteria1, criteria2}
arr1 = {criteria3, criteria4}
arrList = arr1.Concat(arr2).ToList

But I dont know how to iterate these list.
I used For Each to iterate the process but it does not enter the criteria into SAP window. The fields are blank when running the process.

How do I solve this?

The code has some typo and corrected it.