Check some data in SAP and collect them

Hi everyone, I have a process and I don’t know how to solve it. I have an excel file with some data: Material, vendor, quantity. I want to see if vendor exist in SAP. If yes, I want to see if total quantity of this vendor is the same with the quantity from my excel. Is happened to have not only one line, but more than two lines with the same vendor but different quantities, I need to make calculation. So if the total quantity is the same, I need to see also from which lot number belong this quantity and that lot number/s put it / put them on my excel in the same row with that vendor. In SAP window I have a lot of data, and I don’t want to use another excel but if is necessary I can create a new one. Is a little complicated, I cannot send the file because I have a confidential data. I don’t know if you understand my issue. :slight_smile: Does anyone can help me please with some inputs how do it? Thank you so much!

Hi @ovidiu_2088,

with some SAP tables I had a good experience with using the Table Extraction functionality of UiPath.

You can read your Excel table (with Material, vendor, etc.) first, then extract your data from the SAP table using Extract Structured Data functionality (Extract Structured Data).

You can now use both datatables as you like (compare cells, calculate sums, calculate average).

Hope that helps.