Sap automation with different Tcodes

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I have a small query in SAP Automation, My task is to run 4 different transactional code (T Code) in SAP and extract those data into an excel sheet and send it through an email.

Could you please guide me like how to proceed with this, I mean how I can make all 4 (T. code) to run in UiPath and process it accordingly.

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@Manjuts90, @Palaniyappan kindly advise


Hi @Rahulsinha

Check whether you have installed the java extension in Uipath Studio

and then
use read range to get the t codes
based on that t codes use type into based on for each row(“ColumnName”).ToString
Use get attribute and pass the attribute property as aaname
Use Build Datatable
and then use add data row
and pass the string variable
and then use write range

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2 No need to do any recording?

Can you please explain it in little detail,I am getting little confused,as I was trying to go with recording and making the WF.

@Rahulsinha - I suppose you have already gone through this video.

If not please do go through this video.

Now, if you need to scrap data from 4 different tcode… Try to create 4 different XAML files and then scrap data and then call all these 4 XAML files in 1 main workflow.

Let me know if this is helpful or how more can I help.

Minal Gupta