Complete one activity then process another one


In my case study, I have a workflow which basically take some ID from PoweBi and Upload it to SAP. After uploading one number is created and we take that number and put it to Excel coloum. We are doing this same thing for one ID, for which 2 document number is generated for same ID. We need to concat Document Number by comma for same ID.

so first time bot take Document Number from SAP and put that Number to Excel and concats by comma(Because there is one document bot doesn’t separate by comma). and 2nd time bot take 2nd Document Number from SAP and put it to Excel and concats by comma ( Now there is 2 documents available bot concats, which concating last digit of both document number truncated).

so, I want to make separate workflow, In one activity bot takes 2 document number from SAP and Put it to Excel. After this process completed bot only do the concat job.
can anyone help, how to make this workflow. ( Currently In one workflow we are doing concat job for both ID)

Thanks and Appreciated for your help

I recommend using the UiPath ReFramework.

Define one ID as one transaction (QueueItem) and in Process.xaml you process each transaction by doing the first step, then doing the second step after.

Hope this helps