How to Invoke any Specific Flowchart in-between process failed in another flowchart

I want to invoke my main flowchart if process failed in another flowchart.
for ex. Suppose I have two Flowcharts (X = Main & Y = Another)
If bot is working in Y flowchart where I have mentioned some conditions, so if any condition failed then that execution should stop there and BOT again need to jump on X Flowchart from beginning.

for that I have created Argument for X flowchart and that tried to run with the help of Invoke Workflow File like below.



Below is the Argument I have created

Like Below I have created variable first for Flowchart and then convert it into Argument and with that Argument tried to Invoke workflow.


You can create a variable to indicate if there were any failures. If ProcFailed is the boolean variable, you can set it to False at the start of flowchart Y, and if an error occurs, catch it in a Try Catch block. In the Catch block, you can set it to True. The flowchart Y process will end immediately, and you’ll have a condition indicating that there was a failure, which you can use in your control decision.

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