Error handling between invoke workflow

Hello all,

I have a question because i want to know what are the best practises for it. I want to create an error handling between several invoke workflow.

If i have an error in the first Invoke worflow (IW), i don’t want that the bot continue in the 2nd, 3d, 4th… IW. How can i do that ?


I have already added a try catch in my first IW to know if there is an error. I can use an if condition but i think there is a best way !

Thank you all !

All of your workflows should be in the Try block of a Try/Catch activity, rather than only having one of the workflows in a Try/Catch block. That way the process will abort continuation of the remaining workflows.

@Anthony_Humphries @BCdev, Hello automaters,

this post is quite old already, however I’m facing a similar issue right now.

I want to call in a try block multiple workflows which also invoke different workflows. Is it true that the try catch won’t catch/handle errors occurring in the invoked workflows?

Thank you