How to Invoke another RE framework Workflow using Invoke activity?


I am having two sequences:

  1. The first sequence contains RE Framework Program.
  2. The second sequence contains an Invoke workflow activity which is calling one more program which is in REFramework.

When I run this entire program the first sequence is running properly but when the program reaches second it’s running the first RE Framework instead of invoking second. I renamed “Main.xaml” of second Program to avoid confusion in JSON. How to overcome this situation and make the second Program run.

Goutham Vijay


I guess you have to link this second sequence after End State of the REFramework.

Tried that, but it’s looping in the same program

Sorry. Its not after the End State. Place second sequence inside the End State. Once all transactions completed it will come to End State and will perform steps in second sequence.

Yes, i placed just after the CloseAllApplication.xaml, not working. You can invoke another REFramework and try. It would be great if you are successful.

What i’m thinking is invoking “Main.xaml” is not possible. We have any alternatives for this?


Will check it and let you know.

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I think if we use invoke workflow activity inside another invoke workflow, it leads to an error.

Could you help with this…
@lakshman @ClaytonM @aksh1yadav @ovi @Pablito

Hi @GouthamVijay,
I think you should check out Enhanced REFramework:

One of it’s benefit is:

“Extend to achieve process behaviour by editing 6 empty workflows that connect to the Main.xaml in a standard way.”