How to invoke a Flowchart workflow in my Reframework

Hi, I have created a workflow using a flow chart activity which consists of multiple workflow files being invoked in Main Xaml (Say Xaml A)

Now I want to invoke this Xaml A in a Reframework, using Invoke workflow activity, but getting the following error:

What could be the issue? Or is there an alternative to invoke the workflow and what should be the settings incorporated?

Hi @Ruchita_Patil
Is the xamlA workflow inside REframework project?.

No this is an entirely separate workflow as below


This flowchart consists of 4 separate small workflows invoked.
Now, I have invoke this entire flowchart in a new reframework


Then copy the xaml files from this workflow to re framework workflow and then invoke it…

Invoke workflow is for running workflows from same project…

If thwy are different projects…then we can use start process instead to start the process from orchestrator directly