Nested ReFramework

Hi forks,
Being aware of the existance of Enhanced ReFramework, I still decided to try a nested ReFramework. Now I have two ReFrameworks. In the End state of the parent ReFramework, I put the Invoke Workflow File activity and reference to the main.xaml file of the child ReFramework. However, it turns out that it invokes its own main.xaml file. I changed the child’s main.xaml file name and referenced accordingly, but it still invokes its own main.xaml. Do you have any idea of how I could fix this issue?

because your “working directory” is still set to the outer REFramework. So, right before you invoke “Main.xaml” of the inner REFramework you call “SetCurrentDirectory” and pass in the path of your inner REFramework folder

If you dont use “SetCurrentDirectory”, you need to pass in the ABSOLUTE path of the inner main.xaml , If you use “SetCurrentDirectory”, you can use the relative path