How to integrate UiPath Data service with Orchestrator on-prem

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I have a requirement where we want to store our Data in the cloud DB and I see that UiPath has Data services as function as Database. however, our Orchestrator is installed on-prem. so, is it possible to integrate them?


Hi @irahmat

You can store data in a cloud database using UiPath Data Service activities even if your Orchestrator is hosted on-premises.

UiPath Data Service activities are used to interact with cloud databases such as Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and AWS RDS. You need to provide the connection details and credentials to the cloud database and use the activities to perform various operations such as insert, update, delete, and select data.

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Hello , were planning the same. Client is migrating their db on azure cloud yet orch still on prem. Do you have details for what to update or what the impact is for scenario like this?