Which Database is suitable for Uipath cloud

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I am working on the PDF activity, every day I need to keep that record in tabular format (1000 - 2000), I am able to get that record.

But I want some understanding of the below question

  • Right now I am not using any DB
    I want keep this tabular record on the DB side, I want to know the Uipath compatibility, which is the best database for Uipath.

  • That database should be accessible in the cloud.
    Any feature with orchestrartor

Hi @JSR_Techno_Talk_s,

You can use UiPath’s very own UiPath Data Service (Introduction)

Also from a licensing prospective with an Unattended/Attended Robot, Automation/Citizen Developer License you get the following :

  • 1 Data Service Unit is granted a single Data Service Unit includes 1 GB data storage, 5 GB attachment storage, 10K Maximum data service API calls per day.

Hope that helps !

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Thanks let me check the article

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I am not able to view any data service option ? could you please guide me

i got the services

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@Nithin_P: After sending the data to the data service.

I want to display that data in GUI format to the end-user.

For example.

I am uploading student records, end teacher want’s some GUI.
That GUI display result.

I know uipath has forms and other stuff, can I achieve this with uipath itself

Hi @JSR_Techno_Talk_s,

You can use UiPath Apps for this purpose.

Here is a short guide created by our amazing community : Using UiPath Apps & Data Service to Build a Learning Management System | UiPath


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