Azure Installation? Can It Be Done?

We want to set up Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator in our own environment using Azure. We currently work with clients and use their infrastructure to do development work, testing, etc. We would like to establish our own in-house environment for testing, training, “playing,” etc., and would like to know a) is this possible and b) can this be done in Azure?

We would be using the Community Edition of UiPath and so I know there are limitations with that so would appreciate understanding what those limitations are with regards to what it is we are looking to do as mentioned above.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Orchestrator / Robots in Azure is how i have setup our one, using the App Services setup. However, there are licensing requirements to run this setup, . Installation steps are here: Azure App Service Installation

The “Community Edition” orchestrator is UiPaths hosted tenant available here -

Does that help?

I assume when you refer to licensing requirements, you mean for Orchestrator, correct? If we choose not to have Orchestrator and only Studio and a robot so we have an environment to “play around in” is that possible in Azure? Sounds like the answer is yes. If so, can you point me to a document that helps with that type of installation?

Thank you again and I look forward to your response.

@michaelj9462 Apologies for the delay - been stuck on projects. Yes, the setup your describing would just be a VM with windows 10, running a studio/robot the community edition or trial.

The installation itself, isn’t anything more then what would be normally required on a desktop PC.

I am running Orchestrator in the cloud, and the previous link was the script that installed Orchestrator on to the services I created.

Is this what you are after?

What are the monthly costs when using the Orchestrator as an App Service?
How can we find that out before deciding to go for the App Service rather than having an own VM and install it there.

@P_S Hi, You can use this site below, to check for pricing for Microsoft Azure Services

Thanks for this link.
Once “App Service” have been selected, what should I then select:

  • Tier: Basic?
  • Instance B3: 4 cores?
  • Number of instances: 1?
  • Number of Hours: How should I set this value considering 1 automated process to be executed once per day (execution time: 30min).
  • Do we need IP SSL?

@P_S, This is difficult for me to advice on without knowing the nature of your business needs, it’s mostly dependent on your usage needs, but the nice thing with App as a service or Cloud service is you can always scale up or down depending on your needs, if you do not mind i would say check the pricing for every case possible. I don’t know if this helps a bit.


We also need the SQL Server for this right?
Which one of these is required?