Orchestrator installation on WebApp Services on Azure

As per the UiPath installation guide on One Node Installation on Azure WebApp service.We need to download the below Archive file.But I coudn’t find this file please help me to find path/Zipfile for Orchestrator installation on WebApp services on Azure

" Download the UiPathOrchestrator.zip archive."


Please create new app services and set connection string.

Thanks Vivek.

I have created the App service in Azure and following the Azure App Service Installation Script provided by UiPath.But I am unable to find “Download the UiPathOrchestrator.zip archive”

Where can I find the “UiPathOrchestrator.zip` archive”. Any information on this much appricaiated.


You can download the Azure deployment scripts for the latest version, 2019 LTS, by contacting technical support.


Or you can use this link. (it seems the forum is blocking direct links so just remove the spaces I added in the url.)

https://down load.uipath.com/versions/20.10.0/UiPath Orchestrator.zip

Adjust the version you want accordingly. This zipped file contains the PowerShell scripts used to update or deploy UiPath Orchestrator to Azure App Services.