How to install UIPath studio in MAC?


How to install UIPath Studio in MAC ?
Is the installation package available other than in .msi extension.

Please suggest.


@kjoshi previously *.exe is available but as of now Uipath is giving *.msi when we download Uipath. i am having *.exe which i downloaded few days ago before the release of SP1. please share your Email i can share you through google drive, but not sure it can be installed on MAC



@pathrudu I am trying to install the trial version for UIPath studio. Will the installation key work in the *.exe version that you will be providing. is my email id. Thanks for your help :blush:


Hi it may work we need to give a try. hope for the best.

and i can share you after reaching home. thanks for your patience.


Thanks. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello there,

UiPath works only on Windows . However you could do by connecting to MAC via RDP and use Citrix Automation.


I have the same issue, the file downloaded is already an .exe file, but I get the message that Microsoft Windows applications cannot are not supported on macOS.
Can it be that UiPath Community cannot be downloaded on a Mac at all??
Thank you




Thank you