How to install UIPath studio in MAC?

How to install UIPath Studio in MAC ?
Is the installation package available other than in .msi extension.

Please suggest.

@kjoshi previously *.exe is available but as of now Uipath is giving *.msi when we download Uipath. i am having *.exe which i downloaded few days ago before the release of SP1. please share your Email i can share you through google drive, but not sure it can be installed on MAC


@pathrudu I am trying to install the trial version for UIPath studio. Will the installation key work in the *.exe version that you will be providing. is my email id. Thanks for your help :blush:

Hi it may work we need to give a try. hope for the best.

and i can share you after reaching home. thanks for your patience.

Thanks. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

UiPath works only on Windows . However you could do by connecting to MAC via RDP and use Citrix Automation.


I have the same issue, the file downloaded is already an .exe file, but I get the message that Microsoft Windows applications cannot are not supported on macOS.
Can it be that UiPath Community cannot be downloaded on a Mac at all??
Thank you


Thank you


could you provide more detail guidance ? how to install UIPath on Mac via RDP and use citrix automation ? sorry, I am totally green to this ,got the same installation issue on Mac…

Hello, everyone! If you are still looking for solutions when it comes to using UiPath Studio on Mac, you can find 3 workarounds in this article: . Let me know if it worked for you! :partying_face::robot: