How to install/get started on UiPath Studio

At the start of the RPA Developer - Basic Training Lesson 2, we were told to have learnt how to install/get started with UiPath Studio in the previous video. However, I think that this whole bit is missing!

Maybe the training editor should add back in those videos on how to get started with the Studio.

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Hello Matthew,

Thank you for the feedback - you are right - that part is missing because we are in the process of simplifying the installation/activation process and it will be updated once a final procedure is in place.

Do you need any help with activating or installing UiPath ?


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Thank you for replying! All is good, I installed and activated the Community edition

Hi Roxana,

I have installed UiPath properly and completed upto lesson 2.

For some reason, I have closed UiPath application and unable to find folder structure to start UiPath again.

Where can I find in Windows 8 OS to start UiPath Studio for practice and complete other lessons?


Hi Roxana,
I tried to install Ui path Community edition, Couldnt activate as i am getting an Activation Error
Activation failed with error: -4006.
Would you be able to assistme on this ?

Hello Ash - do you have a stable internet connection and have disabled any firewall ?


I just try to install UiPath Community Edition, but I’m facing an issue in the activation process.
I get the error message “There was an error trying to reach the activation server …”.

I’m behind a proxy, I don’t see how/where I can setup the proxy settings in order to solve this issue.

Any tips ?

Thank you

Hei Rico, The Community edition does not work if you are behind firewall or if you are working on a machine without access to internet.

Hello Roxana,

thank you for the reply.
I’m not behind a firewall, only behind a Proxy.

I have all the information to pass througth the Proxy (URL, Account, Password) and have acces to the internet, but I don’t see the possibility to setup this settings within the validation process.

Best regards,

Hi Roxana,
I turn off firewall in my computer but that error still appears!
Please help me.


Dear all,

Can someone suggest, how to install Community edition in Ubuntu 16.04.


HI All,

Can i install uipath in ubuntu .

I am also facing the same problem.Need help.