How to insert datatable from Execute Querie into excel?

Hi all!
I have a Database like this:


And I want to insert it into excel file like this (A,B and C are Excel cells, n is the counter for number of rows in original database):
For ID 1: A1:1,B1:08,C1:Coincide
For ID 2: A2:2,B2:09,C1:Coincide
For last ID:A+(n+1),B+(n+1),C+(n+1)

I’m using for each row activity and write cell activity with a counter that increments each iteration and allows me to write in each excel file but it takes too much time. Does anyone know how can I to improve this process?


Use Write Range activity and directly write the whole datatable in excel

Wow, didn’t see it before. Thanks!

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