Insert Datatable results into corresponding cells on excel sheet?

So I have an execute query activity that outputs a datatable with two columns. Each column will only contain a total, so the output table from the query would be like: ColA: 850 & ColB: 900

What I want to do is insert this data into a spreadsheet like this:
So for this example, if I run the query on 4/1/2020, I want it to insert 850 into the corresponding cell under “orders received”. And I want 900 to be inserted into the cell under “items received”.

Then the next day when I run the query, I want it to insert the results into the same corresponding cells, but for the correct date (4/2/2020). And continue this for every day in April.

I will also need to do the same for the next months, but want to focus on just doing one month first.