How to insert data in Excel file

in sample picture

How to insert data in Excel file in ‘Calculate_Result’ Cell with using Month column index?

@nuttapong_ludloy correct me if I’m wrong you want to write data in that calculate_result cell,
If that is the case you can use write cell activity.
But I have a question from where do you get the values to write data in it.

ok. Now I’m using write cell activity.But on result excel file not happen on it.(data for write to cell is in datatable and detail in below picture)

@nuttapong_ludloy from where you’re getting data to write in it,is it from browser or anywhere.

source data in excel file but other sheet.first i’m read range and insert into datatable and calculate it then insert to result datatable.and then loop to write to excel file again.plases share any your idea or technical for develop.Thanks

@nuttapong_ludloy so which columns you are trying to calculate.