Excel loop

how to write data stored in datatable to excel by looping and counter . and enter another datatable data to excel after 1st datatable data .

Why would you need to do this? You can just write the datatable directly to Excel using Write Range Activity.

i want to write data in excel from datatable . i know how to store data in datatable . main purpose is to store data in excel . and how to store data by looping in excel . what if the data is changing in datatable after every flow(
for each{ getting data from somewhere → storing it in datatable-> enter in excel } i don’t want to overwrite the data stored in excel . i want to store data from the next cell where the last item was entered in excel .
thank you.

You can use AppendRange activity, it does exactly that. For robustness check if file exists, if not → WriteRange with headers, if yes → AppendRange without headers.
If you search the forum for Append range you should be able to find examples as well.