How to indicate the UI element manually on a website?

I use web recording to do the automation on One Identity website (internal company website).
The recording is successful, but when I try to run the workflow it will fail because cannot find the UI element.

The one thing I suspect is when I click an element, the content inside address bar (I use Google Chrome) is not changing at all. Does it have something to do with the element?

The element is just like a sub menu, it’s an interface to database.
Anyone can help me with this? Thanks in advance!

This could be due to “dynamic selector”, in that case go for image based activities like “Click Image”.

I’ve tried that also. But still not working. I tried to indicate with several type of click (like click text, click image, re-indicate on screen several times).

Any other ideas? Thanks anyway!

for sub menu you can use “Find Children” activity which gives you collection of items in sub menu and iterate using for each.

Hi @DenyChristi, try using “Click OCR Text”.

I don’t think so, Click image has to work, unless the image is also dynamic. I am using Click image since inception, working without any problem across browsers and resolutions. Can you share the work flow.

Hi All,

Thanks for the input, here I attached some pictures of the website.

Everytime I click any element inside there is no change at all at the address bar (I use Chrome).
When I try to click Employee, the menu above is changing accroding to the menu I click.
If I click Organizations, the menu above is changing following which menu I click.

Still I fail to run the workflow even though the recording was succeed.

Hi @DenyChristi, try using the UI Explorer and create a custom selector for a specific UI element for accurate clicking.