How to increase image accuracy when using "click image"?

dear, when I know how to increase image accuracy ?
I would like to click date in Calendar, and use “Switch” and “click image” to choose day 1,2,3, …, to 31.

however, sometimes UIPAth cannot click the image , say mix up “3” with “8”, may I know how can I increase the accuracy?

thank you~

Image Accuracy is a unit of measurement from 0 to 1 which expresses the minimum similarity between the image you are searching for and the one to be found. Useful in situations when the image to be found is slightly different than the one you are searching for. The default value is 0.8.

Could you please try:

  • take a screenshot of an image that contains unique details (lines, colors)
  • decrease accuracy parameter .
  • add a small delay or delay before (1000 ms) - maybe the click is happening but it is too fast - the control has just loaded and does not accept inputs/clicks.

it is by default 0.8 and still sometimes it is not able to click even after recapture i have tried to decrease the accuracy to 0.77 and it works for me in such cases but not too much reliable when windows states will change so please make sure to maximize every window you are dealing with in such context so image minor variation or pixel variation wll not affect this activity.